--Model Dependent Reality

--Proposed Action

--Value Decisions

--Consequence Discovery

--Formal Logic of Relations

--Cognitive (Complexity, Causation, Consequence)

--Conative (Commitment, Endurance)

--Affective (Passion)


The original meaning:
breadth and depth of ability to receive stimuli from the environment; a function of embodiment

--Rememberative (A model or reconstruction of historic conditions based on the contemporary information at hand.)

--Intuitive (Self-Awareness)

--Perceptive (The arrangement and organization of models of the external world around comparisons and contrasts to features of the self.)

--Imaginative (A creation of models, to a greater or lesser degree independent or differing from models already available.)

--Normal and Perceived Conditions as Center / Majority of Spaces

--Abnormal and counter-intuitive as boundary conditions

--Objection: Black Swan Exceptions


--Prevail (Values)














--Metaphorical Hypotheses (the only kind)


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