Auto-poesis and Organization

Worrying about how to carry out a work may bring the work to a halt.

  • Top-down constructions imply that the necessary structure and discrete elements are well-known in advance.

(That's a WP Project or Portal, in case you were wondering.)

  • Bottom-up development is very dependent upon its initial elements and participants, and tends to form a rather incomplete and abbreviated structure.

(WP is geeked-out to the max, crusty editors, etc. etc. )

  • Middle-out has some appeal, but each effort becomes it's own separate cause and territory.

(Runescape Wikia is territorial and self-possessed. MIT Technology Review totally missed any mention of the Wikias, didn't it? But the Wikias are likely suffering many of the same problems.)

  • Can a fractal approach be made to serve? How is this different from the middle-out approach? Perhaps it comes down to networked nodes of autonomy? Such as a Wikia in your own name?

(It means making all your totally valid points all by your lonesome, but at least no-one hacks your novel truths of original research into the same old outdated and ineffective crap. Can this approach be networked more and yet still offer space and autonomy? If you think you have a solution to this problem, hit my talk page -- hard! Wait, whaddaya mean that's ironic and funny? P;D )

The Mess You See Here is a Fractal Mess

This is my fractal mess. There are many fractal messes like it, but this one is mine. P:D

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