Ahead of the Game

Who Dares, Wins

Staring into the Abyss

But at what price?

What you are facing here in my arguments within these pages is the rage of a 49-year-old man who has never been a father, and possibly never will be. I argue against forms of authority and control that leave the merit of people like myself unrecognized and unrewarded -- unvoiced. I'm not a wealthy scion of business, and I'm not a superhero, but I have merits of my own to offer. I can see the soft underbelly of systems of thought which presume to justify one small set of people dictating terms to another far larger set.

I wonder sometimes how many people dwell on their own undeserved misery. I see authority figures continuing to despoil our societies and cultures across the globe, and fully expect that many of the people who are comfortable with their positions in life today may begin to feel distinctly uncomfortable not too long from now. Perhaps they will even feel the rage that I have been feeling for decades now. Only now do I find myself able to begin giving voice to that rage, in a civilized and (semi-?)coherent manner.

I plan to make you hear the rage in this, my voice, and perhaps even feel it, but I also need to shape it into something with meaning for others; a sort of resonance. I think that if you ever find yourself needing to express similar feelings, you might see some of my work here as a guide to giving a voice to that rage without being overcome by it. Can you make the world come to a screeching halt; sit up and take notice; authentically care; rather than having the rest of the world pay lip service to values that are currently only used as rationales and rhetorical devices? Perhaps my efforts can help answer these questions.

If you don't believe you will ever have need of the answers to these questions, if you have no thought of such concerns, if you think me a fool, then you can be entertained by what you read here, and that's all it needs to be for you. If, however, you feel a deep sense of foreboding, or feel that same rage already, this is a great place to shout at the top of your lungs, rather than leave yourself unvoiced.