I want to explore some of the details of the (well-written) article, look for hrefs in the online version, and generally check the subject out in some detail. 

Side-by-side Comparison of Hrefs to be Included

I'm going to begin by comparing my annotated hard-copy of the magazine with the article found online at: -- _Thinking_Out_Loud_ by Clive Thompson.

Many of these references I'll be mentioning have clear results in a Google search, and most have entries of varying relevance in Wikipedia articles. It would seem to be in the spirit of the article that these references be included in the article, but I realize that this would require a great deal of labor, such as would be available at a Wikia or Wikipedia. I thought briefly of scanning images of the magazine article as I had annotated it, but this would be questionable at best in terms of respect to the original author's work and the copyrights of the respective holders. I hope this makes it clear that there are some roughly equivalent social and moral values in conflict here. Without infringing on these values on the one side any more than I feel is absolutely necessary to my own contribution to the social dialogue, I can only list these possible additional hypertext references in a disconnected but sequential list. Any link without an "outside link" arrow is likely a link to Wikipedia (WP).

Transparency International

Any of these links concerning Transparency International might be considered relevant by various parties:


Okay, here's a stumper from the article itself. Tell me what the parenthetical statement means please?

"Even if you assume the occurrence of true genius is pretty low (they estimate
that one person in 100 is on the “upper tenth” of the scale for smarts), when
you multiply it across the entirety of humanity, that’s still a heck of a lot
of geniuses."

  • As a bonus, a similar comparison of Semmelweis and Pasteur:
  • Ignaz Semmelweis
  • Louis Pasteur
  • So who wants to bet which sort I am / will be in the future? P:D

Steps that are helping to get this page out: Dubstep, specifically two hours of Skrillex on YouTube. Awesome.

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