Over 99% of the information publicly available now is pure dreck. However, there is a new standard of publication emerging, ever so slowly. As time and technology continue to unfold, the ability to separate the chaff from the wheat can only increase exponentially, allowing the real information at our grasp to become the foreground rather than the background, and making privately held information increasingly irrelevant. Say goodbye to paywalls, patents, copyrights, fees, and even taxes on information. You can disbelieve me now if you choose, but when things continue to develop just as I'm stating it here, I'll say, "I hate to say I told you so... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no, I really LOOOOOVE saying I told you so, and I did indeed tell you so."

Sovereignty, Jurisprudence, Law, Economics, and Political Theory will all be united, placed upon a foundation not of Authority or Autocracy, but upon Autonomy and the Popular Will, as guided by persons who offer their best opinions and advice; not to tax others or compel them to a greedy will, but to allow Culture, Society, and the People to prosper as much as is humanly possible. And all the knowledge and influence held in an iron grip of social control will be for naught.

All the social systems we have created to date follow a simple recipe:

Wikipedia:Argumentum ad baculum, the very first and most necessary form of fraud, the power of the conqueror over the conquered; the power to control the beliefs and terms by which any social contract is negotiated by any party within the reach of The Powers That Be.

argumentum ad misericordiam, the mercy of the Conqueror upon the (now powerless) conquered,

Wikipedia:Argumentum ad populum, the concessions to the common needs of the people, their society, and their accustomed way of life

Argument from authority, including Argumentum ad verecundiam; preferring opinions to facts, and shaming those among the conquered for their lack of credentials, and their supposedly worthless objections. These are the arguments of authorities who supposedly can effect the means to the ends desired by the people at large.

Argumentum ad captandum, the argument of the conquered being gullible or uninformed (of course, DUH!)

Wikipedia:Ignoratio elenchi reference for more ingredients in this recipe

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