I've been reading some Bob Black, and you should too. You don't have to agree with anything he says, just see the honesty there that most activist writers lack. Take for example "Anarchism and Other Impediments to Anarchy".

"Anarchism as a milieu is not so much a challenge to the existing order as it 
is one highly specialized form of accommodation to it. It is a way of life, 
or an adjunct of one, with its own particular mix of rewards and sacrifices."

Too Much Truth is Bad Religion

This is the sort of thing that should make any ideologue squirm uncomfortably, for this is the secret of leading any such group well and long -- eventually we shall overcome in our struggle, and through the sacrifices and suffering that we endure now. Except that that is a complete crock of shit. What happens is that one even nastier problem is in the process of being well and truly solved (or at least resolved) and then the whole of Mankind, or one culture, or some other such group -- a good ideologue does not care to point out whom -- comes upon The Cause and actually begins to care to support it, or crush it out of existence. People rise to the occasion and the cause, not the other way around.

Good Faith without Bad Religion

Keep the fires burning. Keep your eyes open. Offer a kind word now and again. Wait patiently for your turn. Or you could always help solve the problem everyone else is working so diligently on, just so your happy day might come all that sooner.

Just don't abandon or betray The Cause, you faithless (infidel/heretic/insert epithet here)!!11!! P:D

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