"We are now Being much of what our ancestors sought in their process of Becoming. God help us, as even an optimist would see this as a mixed blessing at best."
-- Anon. of Ibid.

"T" as the Pebble Falling Into the Pond

The T of Lupasco's logic of the included middle can be seen as the origin of a particular system of logic, in that it creates:
- an inside and an outside
- a foreground and a background
- a subject and a context

This is where the logic begins, dividing the Phenomenal World into its primary subject and tool, and the context it addresses with that analytical tool. We can introduce examples of T here, such as:
- gender (male, female)
- sexuality (heterosexual male, heterosexual female, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-sexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual) see here
- generation/age (Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y or Millennials, Gen Z)
- race/ethnicity (see here)

As I've already touched upon in Dominate the Scene, these distinctions can be used to stir up controversy without ever honestly addressing either problems or solutions. In fact, the problems can be made far worse when an insular group of people use one value within these logics as a moral center, and then explain the problems in the world around them as springing from any difference between their preferred group and its stated values. Not everyone who has membership in this group will agree with the details of the analysis and assessment, but will be hard-pressed to deny that some of the issues have real merit.

The part that really makes this sort of treatment that bad, is that this one logic will be used to explain everything, totally ignoring other logics and their vastly superior explanatory power in many areas. Economics, politics, military history, and many other logics explain many of the problems we experience today, without half the contortions that these "ill-logical" ideologies require.

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