Outline for story:

Prestige memes = Germ line
Members of the Elite are justified by consensus agreement, definition and spectacle
Valuation memes = Somatic line
Members are justified by the preponderance of evidence, necessity, and the defined valuation of their labors
  1. Anthropomorphic hosts and memetic parasites
  2. Separate genes, germ lines, somatic lines, and inheritance
Parasite biology:
  1. "Metabol" allows for growth and health, highly transferable host-to-host (Money and other forms of wealth)
  2. "PCatalyst" pheromone emitted by parasites of elite caste ("Face time")
  3. "PJelly" formed from Metabol in the presence of PCatalyst, otherwise requiring enormous amounts of Metabol to process VJelly into PJelly. (Like winning a Congressional Medal of Honor, a Nobel prize, or a Fields medal; endowments are a possibility also)
  4. "VCatalyst" in various forms, allows for complex development; enables all other elite functions other than PCatalyst and PJelly, and in high doses, creates specialization in drone castes
  5. "VJelly" much easier to derive, due to commonness of VCatalyst; even without VCatalyst, requires less Metabol than PJelly conversions, but still extremely difficult; archaic precursor to PJelly (Specialization in military and political conquest skills)
  6. Enslavement or other servitude allows for greater reservation of Metabol, enhancing the primary pursuit of conversion efforts
  7. Host somatic or germ line can be defective, disrupting host-to-host transfers or conversion efforts 
  8. Unoccupied hosts can choose to compete or cooperate, while parasites choose conflict between colonies as a rule
  9. Host evolution is much faster than parasite evolution, as host lifespan is much shorter

(Scenario: A member of the elite caste resides in a host which has become fairly resistant to VCatalyst, forming a dysfunctional member of the elite caste, but without any complex development, sophistication, or useful skills. Remind you of somebody who slept at the White House? Though he may or may not remember it!) 

(Plato's Cave, and in fact all of _Plato's_Republic_, can be easily understood in light of this parallel fable. Navigators are those drones with specialization in the real needs of statecraft, but lack Elite traits, just like Yours Truly. P:D )

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