Your anger and dissatisfaction are expressions of a need to redefine Art, Literature, Beauty, Success, and all the other Social Ideals, so as to include the Individual Virtues you so rightly believe ought to capture the attention and fascination of others; you believe that once your own virtues are truly seen and appreciated, once you are understood as a virtuous creature in your own Beingness, unchanged and unpossessed, that others will be fascinated, transformed, enraptured, and inspired to ideals of which they had not previously dreamed or imagined. Your very existence, properly appreciated, could transform one person, or the entire world. 

Taht tvam asi; That which I behold, I become.

See also: 
Phenomenal World: The Uninitiated, and the Spiritual Paths of Sages and Demons
Cybernesis, Academia, and S.O.H.K.

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