The For-Profit College That's Too Big to Fail

"The government agreed to release $35 million to keep classes going. Corinthian spokesman Kent Jenkins says the plan “provides current students with the opportunity to complete their educational programs with minimal disruption.” When it was announced, the Education Department’s Mitchell noted that the plan would protect taxpayers’ investments by limiting the number of students who could request debt relief."

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The government is foolish enough to encourage students to buy degrees at retail prices, and go into debt for the privilege. That's like asking car owners to pay for street repair themselves, as if public streets were driveways. Compare this to the reluctance of anyone in government to invest in anything like Khan Academy or MOOCs, or just about any idea run by intelligent, honest, and generally meritorious and enterprising individuals.

Pay for the idea, not the execution. Pay the entrepreneur, not the scam artist. Pay for tools, not snappy patter and spiffy clothes. Get a shpxvat clue. (That's called ROT-13, there, B1FF. There's nothing hidden in the source code for this page that explains it. Trust me. P;D )

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