Society as:

  • Memetic Warfare
  • Magick(?)
  • Mysticism
  • Mythology or Religion

But not:

  • Philosophy
  • Rational Empiricism

Kyriarchy and the Social "Sciences"


  • The Social "Sciences" perpetuate the presumptive and assumptive power of established interests.
  • Lack of meaningful input and redefinition by the larger community
  • Lack of scientific rigor
  • Defines the norms as the benefit of established interests
  • Requires expensive schooling to be considered a valid opinion
  • Educational curriculum is difficult to learn, and of dubious value outside certification and professional admission
  • All mechanisms include vast and simplistic assumptions

My Original Notes

Consideration of the individual as an individual comes dead last as a priority; the Individual is the "a-tomic" unit of any study of Humanity
Each group must emphasize its successes and strengths, and completely obliterate (oubliette) its failures and short-comings
Individuals born as exemplars of the society's fitness can do no wrong; those who are born disproving the society's value-relationships can do no right
Race, gender, class, poverty, unequal education - all condemn large numbers of individuals to the status of second-class citizens to one degree or another
Hate-groups are largely composed of people whose individual and group aspirations have gone unfulfilled
Placing blame on other groups and causes is a reflex response
Groups and individuals, both real and imaginary, are perceived to be "above the fray", and are envied and despised. Often they are blamed, accurately or inaccurately, for maintaining the status quo.
Socially and authoritatively constructed meanings and values are the most predominant in terms of rewards and punishments, but not nearly the best to be had
Conservative -- a greater fear of social conflict or anarchy, or the quieter loss of values which seem to preserve the value and quality of social and individual life
Liberal -- a greater concern for the suffering of innumerable individuals, squandering talent, wasting lives, and being forbidden real individual meaning
Facing the prospect of being forbidden natural and full participation in the social milieu, individuals are more easily induced into adopting social constructions as a coping mechanism, and as a means to obtaining permission to finally (if ever) act in a socially meaningful way. This is the expectation even where such adaptation means accepting self-condemnation as an "aberrant" individual. Resistance to this last point is labelled or even "diagnosed" as some form of psychological illness or simply "denial", rather than as a healthy self-assertion.
Effort within Social meaning can be deflected or undermined almost at will, while efforts upon social meaning require particularly large social crises (unless one builds a more general strategy! P:D )
Is there a form of Social meaning innate to the Individual, "ab initio"?

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