"The continuously developing story of how our society and its features have come into existence and persist." The Social Narrative is constantly amended by newly revealed information as to historic events and attitudes, changing the way we view the present state of our knowledge, and how exactly we arrived at this point through the intellectual processes of inquiry, discovery, and decision.

Social Rhetoric

Because the Social Narrative is property of the community as a whole, and contributes a great deal to the cohesion and peace of the community, there is a need felt by the entire community to both regulate this narrative, and to enforce certain of its elements as being standards of moral and ethical behavior. In free societies with strong rights of free speech, we maintain the right of individuals to question elements of the Social Narrative, and to demonstrate peacefully to make their voices heard by the public at large.

There are many factors, however, which make any changes which are perceived as being necessary, whether by one party or another, exceptionally difficult to communicate and place into effect, even where the community as a whole would benefit. If there are interests opposed to such a change, and they are well established in terms of wealth, prestige, expertise, force, and powerful arguments of various levels of integrity -- anything which gives an advantage in a society, in being heard, understood, and believed -- they are at a distinct advantage in terms of advancing their own agenda within the Social Narrative, or suppressing the agendas of others.

Social Dialectic

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