The Interaction of Real and Virtual Currency

While the trade-off of real and virtual funds isn't new (Daily Finance stories of riches), bonds can be bought in-game for game coins! Unlimited wealth while you play! But there's always a catch or two, isn't there? The problems are; one, you can't spend them on anything besides game goods, and two, someone has to buy them with real cash and sell them on the GE (that's the Grand Exchange to you non-Gielinor N00BS), and three, the price on the GE rises as more people buy them.

That makes Jagex somewhat smarter than... the U.S. Government? Setting the bar low here, aren't we Uncle Sam? Maybe someone should be taking remedial courses in Valuation Economics?

The Semi-Currencies Futures Market

So what happens if a host of different currencies, lacking the liquidity of real currencies, but useful directly for a desired good, offering far more in exchange to make up for the loss of liquidity (much like a risk premium in an investment market). My questions outnumber my answers at this point. Could semi-currencies be traded directly, one for another? This is more like barter, except facilitated by tokens of value. Would they lack the ability to accrue interest? Would they displace or devalue traditional currencies, or make them more scarce and therefore valuable? Isn't a crapload of money stored and moved around in digital form anyway? Why only one flavor of money then?

You could even be paid for a job in a unique currency, to reflect the inherent social value of the labor performed. So when the hell will Jagex be paying me to entertain, baby-sit, and educate all those N00BS? They certainly need it, and I could definitely put the loot to good use, amirite? P:D

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