Religious Damnation and Zoroastrianism: The Children of Ahriman


(Most likely began long before Zoroastrianism, but provides an example for which I hope there is a great deal of supporting material.)

Secular Damnation and the Divine Right of Kings

The Code of Hammurabi: Transparency, Notice, Knowledge, and (some) Power ^ People

(Yes, I know I stole variables to Harron-rhyme pies!)

The Abigensian Precedent: Slaughter As Salvation

Albigensian Crusade

Secular Damnation and Saint-Simon's Eutopianism

Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de Saint-Simon

John Maynard Keynes' Rational, Centralized Economic Eutopianism

Mandatory Education and Credentialism: The Ignorance of the Damned

Doctoral Dissertations in Secular Humanist Theology

"Isms" -- Damnation, Justification, Policy, Mandate, Political Majority, and Market Share

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

You are a conscript in a secularized Holy War of Liberation Theology, and your tithes are enforced by Criminal and Civil penalties.

The Birdcage of Credentialism

There's nothing stopping you from being any kind of professional you want to be -- except being indebted for tuition.

The Malthusian Fallacy, The Population Bomb, The "Mississippi Appendectomy", and Global Warming: "This Time It's Different."

I actually believe in Global Warming and Man-made Climate Change. I also know that there are conscientious, moral people who aren't going to be led by the nose down the same path of b***s*** as has been done so many times before. I respect their position, and therefore I must make the distinctive evidence abundantly clear to them... in their own terms.

Twenty one pilots Heathens (from Suicide Squad The Album) OFFICIAL VIDEO03:38

Twenty one pilots Heathens (from Suicide Squad The Album) OFFICIAL VIDEO

If you can't accept defeat... you won't have to, we'll let you down fast and (mostly) painless.

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