Charles Hugh-Smith: The Entire Status Quo Is A Fraud

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: How To Legally Own Another Person

Fraud and incompetence begin with the misuse and abuse of Symbols. The most important symbols are the ones most abused. I propose some of these most central Symbols below:

g, General Intelligence -- General intelligence is hardly ever measured widely in any society, whether by the worst or best testing instruments available, and the results are given no merit or social importance whatsoever. The elite are glad to make use of their greater Substance and mythological Symbols to convince you they are successful, and therefore necessarily intelligent. They can then become Presidents of Nations, hold degrees from Skull and Bones Universities, etc. all while concealing their complete illiteracy, and yes, I mean the complete inability to read a text printed in the Latin Alphabet. 

w, Willpower

c, Character

l, Labor

i, Individuality -- The uniqueness of the individual, their skills, abilities, experiences, idiosyncratic ideas, and yes, even defiance of authority, may factor into the solution of a problem, including problems that are faced by, or even created by the larger society. Essence matters. 

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