The Continuum Hypothesis

x/0 = C where "C" stands for "Continuum". "But wait!", I hear you say, "Division by zero is undefined!". Exactly -- but C is also undefined. C merely represents any transfinite number, from "Aleph Nought" to Ω.[1] [2]

A Complex Relationship Between Sets and Their Members

<-i>*<+i> = 1:Set definition; membership recognition and inclusion; real and countable numbers

The Transfinite Logarithm

Let logt(Aleph Nought) = 1, logt(Aleph One) = 2, etc., then:

P|H| = |1 - (logt(Aleph Nought)/logt(Aleph One)| = 1/2: All imaginable flips of a fair coin!

Let P|B| = |1 - (ln(1)/ln(C)| for any event which is excruciatingly unlikely (such as Terry Tao's example of an explosive! skipping! stone!)[3], but still possible according to abstract, extra-empirical theory. Such a theory can have an extremely strong foundation of empirical evidence, but is not limited to only this one empirical Universe.

The Hadron Multiverse

If we consider the continuous temporal flow of our own empirical Universe as a Multiverse continuum of one hadron each, then what new questions can we ask, and what new answers can be obtained?

Bayesian Probability:

Objective Overview:
Rationality and Consistency

Subjective view:
Theory and Belief

Will and Desire


Notes for further reading:

  1. Wikipedia:Continuum hypothesis This one makes my stuff above look bad, but I can't see any real flaws in my work yet, and it has a power I haven't seen anywhere in my (admittedly limited) exposure to Math.
  2. Wikipedia:Cardinality of the continuum More food for thought here.
  3. The New York Times Magazine: The Singular Mind of Terry Tao

Wikipedia:Terence Tao(His picture here is better; he's smiling more. P:D
Wikipedia:Navier–Stokes existence and smoothness If Tao makes any proof at all here, it's obviously a major breakthrough. (Bites fingernails.)

My Original Research 
Discussion of Modality

Wikipedia:Bayesian probability
Wikipedia:Transfinite number

Wikipedia:Division by zero
Wikipedia:Field (mathematics)
Wikipedia:Vector spaces without fields
I don't pretend to understand this just yet, but this looks like the root of the problem.
Wikipedia:Cantor's diagonal argument
This also seems interesting. Does it apply at all?
"Which Geometry is True?" "Mine!!!" P:D

Sliske's memory

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