Determined or Decided

There is the Philosophical, Scientific, and Psychological problem of Free Will. Scientific and Philosophical Determinism seem to point to a Universe in which we have no Free Will, and yet each of us feels that we choose our actions for ourselves, and experience our own environment, body, and even mind in a way which is separate from all of these. We do not say, "My brain forgot." we say "I forgot."

But I think that Determinism is predicated on the mistaken idea of "Backwards Causality". If Time is treated as symmetric rather than asymmetric, then Determinism can be seen as effective -- but Time is a measure of the states of various Systems, and states that can never be reproduced exactly by moving forward in time. Why should they be any easier to model when moving backward in time?

There is no reason to make such an assumption.

Reason ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->
This is the norm of experience.

Reason <-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-
This is an analysis of causes.

Reason <-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-
Causation 33333333333333333333333
This is Backwards Causation. THIS IS RONG-ER-ER. DON'T DO DIS.

The two curves shown illustrate the two views: one is symmetric over the y-axis (y=|x|^|x|), showing all the reasons to throw the pebble into the pond, the person throwing as the unit of decision, and the expanding but weakening changes made to the Universe subsequent.

The other curve, y=x^x, shows the psychological oscillation of decision, and the imaginary and virtual nature of the Cartesian Theatre.

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