Phenomenal Batgirl-36 Cut 1 Size2

Remeber watching Saturday morning cartoons? Batgirl does!

"This is what a Phenomenal World is supposed to be. This is the Archetypal use."
-- TheLastWordSword

Picky, Picky, Pic

It took me forever to pick out just the right image for this article, as this issue is chock-full of valuable and insightful moments. In the interests of not spoiling the story too much, and using the images as faithfully as possible without using too much, I finally "settled" for this one. I've left some terrific images and story elements out, so grab an issue while you can! 

A Showcase of How It's Done

All the core elements of a Phenomenal World are here: Memory; Imagination; a Mentor Spirit or Image; and a new appreciation of older experiences. A strange synesthesia takes place, in which the cognitive faculties coordinate all the five senses, memory and imagination all at once, each interacting seamlessly with all the others. The memory is immersive, and contains many features encountered more often in dreams than memories.

Our Story and Hers

Best of all, there's inspiration, and an answer to a question. Batgirl experiences a memory which helps her identify with a protagonist in a story from her childhood, and accomplish her goals as a protagonist in her own story. In a similar way, you and I can have this same experience and results as the protagonists of our own stories.

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