Wikia as a Third Party

Personal Wikis

When I first set this site up, I didn't realize there was a Wikipedia entry on the subject: Personal wiki

Personal Knowledge Management

Another Wikipedia article worth reading, if you are interested: Personal knowledge management, and my comment on the article's Discussion page: Sharing...insights.

Personal Data Lab

Organizational Indexes

As memory becomes increasingly cheap, and processing power becomes incredibly faster, I'd like to advocate for an approach that would seem theoretically obvious, but is seldom seen in practice, out in the wild: there is no one best way to organize information. There is no one best way for an organization, there is no one best way for any one problem, there is no one best way for any individual. A very large body of data is a tennis-ball-sized translucent object that you roll around in your hands and view from any damn angle you find useful or convenient. In solving a particular problem, you should be able to design an entirely new indexing system, from scratch, based on your needs at the moment -- and do this several times over in less than an hour. It's not as hard as it sounds. P;D

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