1. Performancism: the value and character of our performances; whether we succeed or fail, what our standards of success and failure are, and how they are formed (publication) A discussion of the processes that are available to us in terms of active involvement, the natural processes which already prevail, and the perception of the desirability of the subsequent conditions. It is difficult to formulate this statement properly, but: 

This is the sole measure of the value of any imaginable entity -- Quality (worth or value); our perceptions of external conditions and internal processes.

Performancism goes even further, stating that rather than saying anything about the Ding An Sich, the thing-in-itself, all of our knowledge can only address our own actual performances and their results; what we put into the black box, and what comes out: nothing else. We can never know the Ultimate Rules of Reality, but only the Ultimate Rules of the Game we are playing with it, whether that game is small (Tic-tac-toe, Chess, Go), medium (Axis and Allies, AD&D, Runescape, World of Warcraft), large (Wikileaks, Threat or Menace?!?), or really huge (The Standard Model, now with Higgs' Bosons!). 
Any system of knowledge must be seen as purely consisting of information and nothing else; what we can grasp is the subject, not the object; and the subject must then be made to be as logical, consistent, complete, and self-referential as can be managed with the information available at the time. ("When Quined, makes sense" when Quined, makes sense.)

As the final measure of our efforts in disciplines such as Science and Philosophy, this makes Performancism a standard of Epistemology as well.

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