Open Source Intelligence Reports / Intelligence Science

  • as analysts and consultants to:
  • business:
  • stock purchasing
  • HR hiring, firing and development
  • government:
  • economic and developmental policy
  • specifically target:
  • inefficient bureaucracies:
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • outdated services by corporations:
  • competing business analysis and consulting firms

  • specific adaptations:
  • delivering and further processing data that is both authoritative and accurate
  • employing highly motivated and talented staff
  • encouraging "thinking outside the box"
  • setting first-hand evidence, rational arguments, and robust conclusions as the primary standards for reliable data
  • combing the entire media space, most specifically the Web, for comprehensive analysis of singular trends
  • intelligently compiling the effects of trends as taken together, significantly altering the strategies and tactics necessary to act successfully in advance of the trend
  • forming counter-arguments to conventional wisdom and irrational exuberance
  • identifying trends well in advance by making use of speculative scenarios held in reserve
  • creating trends by establishing the existence of:
  • potential trends
  • parties that will actualize the trend through self-interest
  • market and business potential

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