The Metaverse

The real value of a network

David Reed beat me to it? Darn!

The Multiverse Hyperspace Computer

Prime Material Plane

Our own material and actual Universe

(Secondary?) Material Planes


Informal Logic and Possible Worlds

Virtual Worlds as small Universes

Analogies and Metaphors

_Unending Conversations: New Writings by and about Kenneth Burke_, edited by Grieg Henderson and David Cratis Williams. The analysis of Dramatics overlaps with the analysis of non-fictional narratives and performances.

Art, Zen, and Insurrection: Finding Personal and Social Change in an 'Aesthetic Existence', by Riley A. Paterson

I haven't yet figured out exactly how old young Mr. Paterson is, but it simply doesn't matter. His discussion of the material is personally engaging, lucid, and, I'm betting, more informative than most college courses that might touch upon the work.


Algorithmic Origins and Purposes

Law of diminishing returns in algorithmic space

Law of Diminished / Inflated Algorithmic development costs in Paracosms / GedankenExperimentische(Ach, Du liebst mich!) and virtual realities

Paracosms in the multiverse as unique origin-points in Algorithmic Space

The Multiverse Theories (2 Universes? P;D )

Strong: all novelty and creativity can be encoded as Multiverse analogy/thinking

Weak: a more elegant principle lies behind the multiverse theory

  • new methods of exploration and discovery can be used
    • new methods can be built
  • lab-sized multiverses are insulated from noise and distractions
    • such multiverses can be enhanced and enriched
    • this can become a real money-pit if you're not careful; there are no guard-rails here!

Terran Metal Polish and Gunpowder in Amber ("I awoke in Greenwood Hospital.")

The Unicorn Variation Ecological Roundtable

-Minecraft Dwarven Magic Mod as analogy to Human Evolution in actuality

-"No-lifer" (Enthusiast?) as (Software / Analogy / Algorithm) Explorer and Engineer

The Multiverse Hyperspace Computer (Wake Me When You Need Me)

The Multiverse as Map

The Multiverse as Territory

The Multiverse and FTL travel, Weird Science, High Wizardry, and Real Magick

The Real Glass Bead Game

Exclusion Principle

- There can only be one glass bead per n-dimensional co-ordinate.

- Where there appears to be two or more beads, one or more dimensions of comparison / contrast are being missed