Atoms in the Void

I'm facing some rather challenging circumstances of my own right at the moment, but allow me to address a problem which seems to be festering beneath the distinct oblivion that is the current state of Social Epistemology; and the value our society places on Philosophy at the moment, or rather the lack thereof.

Lucretius' poem, "De rerum natura" is one of the cornerstones of our modern worldview, and argues that our existence as individuals ceases entirely upon our death. Lucretius sees this not as a curse, but as a blessing, and in his own time, this view provided a relief from the tyranny of the religious dogmas of his age, but to our modern ears, this sounds like a curse that condemns us to be forgotten mere moments after we cease to be a part of the society we share with others. As mere atoms in the void, we would seem to count as nothing, to ourselves, to others, to the great scheme of human affairs; our mortality seems to guarantee that our existence is nothing but an illusion, maintained of, by, and for merely ourselves.

This could not be further from the truth.

The Shining of a Light in the Darkness

The way that we live our lives has always created a material legacy of how others will continue to live theirs, at the very least. In this brave new age of every moment and gesture recorded for posterity, we have even greater potential for our thoughts and actions to be meaningful long beyond the span of our frail physical forms. Our fame or infamy will far outlive us, and our characters stand as a testament to the potential of any individual at any time. Choose your legacy to the future wisely. Your philosophy of life may very well shine through quite a substantial portion of the future, and if you choose well, may secure for you an immortality as precious to others as the short time you have to you to fix it in the world, and the hearts and minds of those around you.

I hope to add more here later, as I am able, but my access to these pages has been curtailed somewhat, due to technical glitches. :(

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