You Get What You Pay For (and Deserve)

Soooo... everyone with something to lose is just a trifle nervous and inconvenienced by this little zero-day exploit that no one noticed for two whole years! How did this happen??? Well, allow (yet another) guy with more brains than money (as opposed to the other way around) to explain it to you in all its gory detail.

"(Don't) Trust Me!"

First, look at the news, here: Google News, "Heartbleed", Full Coverage So, first, everyone is in a big tizzy. Second, the people who wrote the original code are hardly "greedy capitalists". This is very unlike the mortgage lending crisis, in that none of the people who created this problem did so with any malfeasance, nor did they profit by it in any way. Third, there are damn few of them, and there are many more hackers out there than anyone working to build the system in a constructive way.

Let Them Play Doctor (Evil), Like We Used To!

Major corporations have adopted the Open SSL standard without paying a dime toward its development, quality control, security evaluation, or, in fact, in any other way. It's the perfect example of the larger phenomena of trickle-down economics, in that not a damn thing trickles down. (Nothing wholesome, anyway.) So there is no incentive for anyone but the bad guys to test the code to its very limits. There is no incentive for anyone to study the relevant skills in computer science, and there are no scholarships or other incentives for those who have the innate skills necessary, but simply don't have the opportunity or money to buy the piece of paper that would make them qualified for these positions, or any other Comp. Sci. position, which might cause them to be leaders in Internet standards and security.

How are these skills acquired most often? That's right, hacking (or crawling their way in through the basement window of Wikicoding and HTML, as I am doing). If you want to validate your real skills, but don't have the "pay-to-win" amounts of money necessary to go to a (handful of) decent schools, you can always test your metal against the I.C.E. of major corporate systems. That's where all these yahoos come from: you and I (and all the corporations!) forgot to pay for the proper care and feeding of these magnificently intelligent creatures. P:D


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