Political and Social Authority are based on Social Imperatives. These stand in distinction to the Moral Imperatives of Individuals and their Autonomy.


  • Maslow's Hierarchy as Pie Chart rather than Pyramid, especially in a civilization of great abundance.
  • A more abundant Society allows for a broader "specialization of tasks" among individuals, creating the opportunity for individuals to provide more for others, and to be provided the needs they simply cannot address directly for themselves.
  • In addition to Life, Liberty and Property, the right to one's own personal and social identity is only beginning to be understood; to choose one's own role models, philosophy of life, manner of social expression, and contributions to society.  


  • Conflict, War, Violence, as expressions of Social Imperatives which supersede Individual Morals, and denegrate the value of Individuality, human beings, human lives and well-being.
  • Conquest, slavery, killing and raping; exploiting the weaknesses of others in the pursuit of Greatness and a Great Society.
  • Individual Greatness is measured by the ability to contribute to this Great Society, whether through acts of Good or Evil; both are Socially validated.

Belonging is no longer optional.

  • The wild and untamed spaces which allowed Defiant and Autonomous Individuals to peacefully separate themselves from Society no longer exist; there is no room in this world for Taoists.
  • Bandits, brigands, and other threats are being uprooted, but so are Sages and Demons.
  • Peace -> Justice -> Autonomy
  • NOT God, King and Country, BUT Men, Women and Children


  • Social Imperatives change too slowly for the finite mortal lives of Individuals; only Individuality allows timely Adaptation.
  • Sages and Demons were the most powerful assessors and planners of the societies with which they contended.

Rebellion and Revolution

  • Rebellions simply create new and different Social Imperatives, new Power Structures, new senses of Belonging, Community, and a "Great Society", and the demand for human beings to become "members of Society", mere appendages, rather than functional wholes.
  • A Revolution calls for the re-establishment of the one and only Primary and Individual Value which can be expressed completely within a Society as an abstract principle: AUTONOMY, newly defined and expanded by the social progress attained since it was last freely chosen and defined.
  • A "New Society" with new Social Imperatives. Such new Social Imperatives result from a more clear and accurate assessment of the conditions to which they are a collective adaptation.

Without Autonomy, Adaptation, and yes, Revolution, the only things that can alter a Society and its Social Imperatives are catastrophe or conquest.


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