Five Levels

Matter Sarx

Evolutionary Physics and the emerging complexity of reinforced and enduring particles and elements. 

The use of chipped flint as tools. 


The cracking of simpler compounds from petroleum, and the synthesis of new compounds, such as plastics.

Soma Energy

The ability of substances to combine in increasingly complex ways to hoard energy, and begin to transform and distribute energy to emerging purposes. 

Fire used to cook food, liberating time and effort to other purposes. 

Fossil fuels are used to create steam power.

Both the nuclear bomb and nuclear power are developed.

Psyche Information

Organic substances begin to be formed from stored templates. Information is stored in organic chemicals which are dedicated to this function alone. 

Writing materials of increasing quality are invented across the globe.

Movable type is invented, allowing the mass production of printed materials.

Photography is made convenient and timely enough to allow images to accompany stories written by journalists, whether in periodicals or daily newspapers.

Cybernetic systems begin to compare and contrast data already accumulated, identifying implications and internal contradictions that had previously gone unnoticed. "Kennen An Sich" becomes its own frontier of inquiry. Increasing numbers of humans and expert systems make their contributions and income strictly pursuing this endeavor. 

Noos Phenomena

The first myths of Man's origin and existence are recorded.

"Fairy tales" and wisdom tales are told.

Books begin to be classified as "fiction" and "non-fiction".

Mosaic is the first Web-browser.

Upon the foundations of Cybernesis, a system of Mytho-poetic systems and experiences are built. "Ancestor simulations" become more numerous and nearly real in their rich texture, if not fidelity to the actual events they attempt to recreate. They are outnumbered by the fictional realities, in which changes in detail and design make huge differences in moral and aesthetic perception and audience acceptance.

Pneuma QuantumMind

Mental telepathy is discussed seriously in Israeli chess leagues.

The ability to perceive and alter reality directly; to compare artificially created particles to particles found in nature; to create old substances in forms never before possible, and to create new substances entirely, roughly at will, and in abundance; the ability to initiate the Universe in which we now exist, and any others of our choosing. 

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