Human Properties


Quantities and Qualities


Number lines and types as implicit relations to qualities
Real, Complex, etc.
Threshold values as further complexity
Can threshold values be reduced to simpler terms?

Formal Logical Systems and Quantum Nutation

Simplest systems, command sets double-precision self-nutating in reaction to specific data-sets and runs

Brainfuck and other simple systems as initial candidates

“I don’t know” = Quantum Superposition Uncollapsed/Unresolved




Somatic Components

Gunsight Conditions

White (Peaceful, at ease)
Yellow (alert & aware, on guard)
Orange(specific but merely possible threat)
Red (ThreatFor status confirmed, combat training fully active, use of force dependant on training)
Black (Fight or Flight, fine motor skills absent, only deep training may remain)
Submission (all skills and training lost, psychologically defeated)
Ultrablack (“If you can’t win [the rules are either asymmetric or are in abeyance], change the rules.”)





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