"For a true Gamer, to see truly is to live fully. The exact opposite is true for the Non-Gamer. The rule of 'modern' society is The Rule of Hypocrisy; 'Do as I say, not as I do'. Success in 'Real Life' lies in extracting all the advantage that one can from this dictum." -- OneEyedGnome


There is an enemy who never sleeps, never even gets tired, doesn't take excuses, and never takes credit, only cash. This enemy is ruthless, plays by his own rules, and drags you into his own backyard, all the better to defeat you. That is what awaits you on the other side of the glass. The Opposition Force. You will learn things on the other side of the glass that you will never learn anywhere else. I can't explain it to you fully until you've actually experienced it. If you don't know, you don't get.

All for a Quarter

The oldest and best games of the day required you to have quarters, and later one or even five dollar bills in nearly, but not entirely, pristine condition. Then you had to wait in line for your favorite, new, hot game. Maybe you put a quarter somewhere on the screen or the cabinet, or you challenged the guy already there to a 2-player match, and the winner would contiue to play the machine. If he already had his moves down cold, and you were still green, you had an uphill battle ahead of you. You would need to go through all of this, just to face the guy to really beat, inside the game.


The aliens, the goons, the robots and androids, the gunslingers, and the weird ones with no real words to be put to them, they all have one thing in common, they really can't be beaten. Most of the games just got faster and harder and meaner, without end. Even the games that ended left you wondering if you couldn't have done more, faster, and scored higher. It's an unending war, all day, every day. That's the sort of thing that changes you. There is no enemy or problem like it in the real world, and when you come back to the real world, that gleam in your eye is something that others may recognize, or fear, or pitifully, be totally oblivious to. You have eaten your portion of the heart of the lion. You are a Gamer.