Game Developer’s notes:


My game ideas:


Have a player search online for equipment to buy, then send gamesite the item page and costs, or perhaps just the URL, and once verified, character spends that amount on that product or reasonably functional facsimile. Great for possible product placement deals. “CAN-OPENER! MORE CAN-OPENER!” or how about “Shimmer!! It’s a floor wax! And a dessert-topping!


Redesign a widget from the real world, and optimize it to your evil little heart’s content. That thing that you always wanted to invent has just been invented, with a minimum of cash, consumer surveys and other serious bs. If the game is cool, the character, etc. it will more than likely sell.

All games likely to become self-contained, much like Java Virtual Machine, and to run cross-platform in a similar way.

“Playing the game is building the game.”

Psych-Alt simulates changes / states of player-character psychology by altering the nature and quality of perceptual inputs, rather than constraining player options and control.

Interpretation: If someone casts a “charm” spell on your character, then you experience the game environment and characters in a different way from your “uncharmed” state. NONE of your decisions or options is removed or altered; your character is simply deceived by the spell, but the Player is not controlled.

Video games need to justify their existence in comparison to older technologies, such as formal public and higher education.