Deep Stuff

Axiomatic Dimensions

These would be the dimensions that I believe I have squeezed down to their most fundamental terms. They tend to be self-referential, as they are the tools that I tend to use in working this material.

Ding an Sich <----> World View

The Phenomenal World in which Humanity evolved, and to which, in evolutionary, anthropological, and historic terms, we have only recently turned our attention, is the Ding an Sich, while our World View is our current understanding of ourselves and our place within this phenomenal world. As these two primary principles come to have increasing amounts of interaction in our internal and external experience, our experiences of them become vastly more rich and detailed.

Independent <----> Dependent

The physical universe exists around us, independent of our own existence, our decisions, or our preferences, whereas we are dependent upon it for our existence and context at all times.

Compulsory <----> Voluntary

The origins of our own existence within the phenomenal world are not of our own choosing, either as a species, or as individuals. The questions "Why does there exist something instead of nothing?", "Why does the Universe exist the way we find it, instead of some other way?", or "Why does the Universe exist in this way, rather than the way we would have it exist?", all progressively point to the compulsory rather than voluntary nature of our existence in the phenomenal world.

Evolution <----> Involution

Our existence as we find ourselves within the phenomenal world is the result of a set of processes that can be called evolutionary; whether we are concerned with our current biological, historical, political, or any other process we care to name, as we do not fully determine these processes for ourselves as a species, much less as individuals, these processes must be considered to proceed of their own dynamics; that is, they evolve around, through, and between us, rather than from within us exclusively. We ourselves also evolve in an involuntary way, both as a species and as individuals. Involution concerns how we change voluntarily, coming to terms with this evolution, and then make whatever (tiny) changes we can to the direction and nature of this evolution.

Interaction <----> Experience

Our existence is primarily defined by our interaction with the world around us, regardless of the inaccuracy, or even the absence of, our world view. A young child lost in the wilderness is forced to the process of Interaction, regardless of any worldly knowledge or self-awareness. We have the leisure of this Examination itself simply because of our privileged state of Interaction.

World View

Objective <---> Subjective

Self-Defined <----> Intuitive

Actuality <----> Representation

Substantive <----> Meaningful

Concrete <----> Abstract

Incidental <----> Typical

Symmetric <----> Asymmetric

Complex <----> Fundamental

Analysis <----> Synthesis



Involution and Self-Awareness