Mandelbrot set

Occam's razor

Dark matter

Dark energy

Given the number of the members of the Set of all possible particle typologies (T), and the number of the members of the Set of all particles that Materially exist (M), if T >> M, such that the resulting Multidimensional and Conceptual Space is, in some regions locally Dense, and in other regions Sparse, and this Space is Sparse Globally, then any Empirical approach in which the Model (Conceptual) Space is only just large enough to encompass the known Phenomena (Particles), then it seems unlikely that other locally dense regions will be found in any efficient and effective way, given the sparsity of the large regions between them. It also suggests that particle collisions will not likely reveal the particle types in far-flung regions of the Model Space, even for considerable local densities.

This has ramifications from this most fundamental level to all other considerations which rest upon it.

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