"What is the meaning of Life? What meaning do you bring to it? 
 That is what it is." 
     -- Yours Truly


We require a prodigious memory for all of our activities as individuals, and we require ever greater memory to act in our roles as citizens and contributors in a complex social environment. The ability to remember vast quantities of information on our own, and with the aid of various levels of technology, is key to acquiring and using the skills necessary to us in a Cybernetic Age.

  • social milieu
  • social position
  • home
  • workplace
  • relationship
  • library
  • access point
  • device


Information must be carried from devices, persons, and computers, from the places the data is available, to the various resources that can make sense of the data in a way that it can be acted upon intelligently, inform, entertain, and even delight. M2M networks, message boards, and even social networks and entertainment, create the necessary environment of creativity, analogy, and metaphor that are needed to make our lives meaningful in our own terms.

Some of the less obvious terms that convey the concept:

  • eloquent 
  • candid
  • articulate
  • expressive

Algorithmic Complexity, Power, and Leverage

There are no theoretical limits to the range of ideas that can be used to process information in such a way as to produce the ends we desire. Numberless forms and examples of fiction and speculation, constantly casting new light and shape on facts and views previously taken for granted abound in the past, and an exponentially larger number of such forms await us in the future.

There are deep, complex, and I dare say "wicked" relationships between genes, memes, algorithms, world-views, individual purposes, intentional stances, social attitudes, and institutional policies, and these relationships remain largely a mystery to us. These relationships themselves will form their own field of inquiry, expanding into multiple fields as we begin to understand and make use of these relationships.

  • code
  • mathematics
  • law
  • agreement
  • metaphor 
  • analogy
  • simulation
  • game

Processing Power

The ability to process the information at our disposal depends not only on our own native abilities, but on the power and range of the technology at our own disposal, and at the disposal of others who can process it in ways we would not have considered useful until the results are demonstrated to us. The more broadly these tools are distributed, the more hope we have that a meaningful and even elegant analysis of the available data will be the result.

  • hardware
  • software
  • intelligence 
  • conscience
  • appreciation 

Inspiration as a Life-long Habit

What I Love About RPGs

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