2.D) Effective

1.A) Entropy

3.J) Execution

1.B) Change

2.E) Evaluation

3.H) Decision

3.G) Conceptualization

1.C) Extropy

2.F) Ineffective

Changes (B) are perceived, and tentatively labelled as either Entropic (A) or Extropic (C)
Ineffective Concepts (F,G) are produced exhaustively and harmlessly dispersed
Effective Concepts (D,G) are then easier to produce, realize, and materialize (H,J)
(D,G,J,A) = Problem Solving, Addressing Losses and Needs
(D,G,J,C) = Investment Opportunity, Addressing Gains and Merit

There might be a deeper discussion in this vein, including such concepts as Resources & Resourcefulness, and other concepts relevant to the domain as conceived and outlined by various parties.

1. Vision and Leadership -> Environmental Awareness and Internal Capability
2. Proposals -> Epistemic Force, Ability to Reason
3. Agreements -> Rhetorical Force, Ability to Convince
4. Policies -> Authority and Regulation
5. Administration -> Monitor and Enforce

Expanding Circles of Influence
_Master of the Game_, by Gary Gygax

Relations of Conceptualization, Strategy, and Tactics
_Role Playing Mastery_, by Gary Gygax

_U.S. Army Survival Guide_

Advanced Preparation and Resourcefulness
_Deep Survival_, by Laurence Gonzales

_Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder_, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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