The Rulesets

I believe that this ruleset forms the highest level of Modality.

0. Every ruleset can be shown to have an absent but necessary transformation.
1. Rulesets continue to persist through time despite transformations.
2. There are rulesets that describe the transformation of rulesets.
3. All rulesets are formed or transformed through a process of reason upon data concerning states.
4. All rulesets are expressed in rational terms.
5. All rulesets speak of a first state or condition, a process, and a resulting state that is produced by this process acting upon the first state.

If this ruleset is anywhere near being accurate, then I may have to revise my opinion that Godel's Proof is inaccurate. If Godel's Proof can ever be regarded as demonstrating the validity of its own transformations and processes, then I would definitely have to consider it as valid. If it cannot be regarded as demonstrating its own processes, than we face the possibility that such a proof might result in an infinite recursion of process-validation!

This ruleset could have several nested layers. If we think of the physical Universe as having an implicit ruleset, much like the implicit software of any cybernetic system, then the more explicit thoughts of beings such as ourselves would be sytems within systems, much like a nested set of: real CPU --> game of Life --> virtual CPU --> virtualized game of Life -->-->--> (etc.) And yes, there is a proof that a virtual CPU can be built within a game of Life, but it would require spectacular amounts of computing power. Fortunately for you and I, the Universe we live in sets the upper bound for computational efficiency in a quantum (or better?) hardware system! I personally am anticipating the day we learn to code in assembly language! "Creo Lux!" P:D

Or, the simple version:

0. There is an exception to every rule, except this one.

1. There are always rules.

2. There are rules about making rules.

3. There are rules about breaking rules.

4. And the REASON that there are always rules is because...

5. There are always CONSEQUENCES.

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