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++ Wikipedia:Cybernetics :Κυβερνήτης

Redefine Cybernetics as the flow of Information as a substance, much like matter or energy.

"The most recent definition has been proposed by Louis Kauffman, President of the American Society for Cybernetics, 'Cybernetics is the study of systems and processes that interact with themselves and produce themselves from themselves.'"

Autopoesis is a property, emergent in matter and energy, which arises because of the information of which they are constituted at a more fundamental level.

+++ Wikipedia:Information

Information has properties which make it an integral part of our view of the material and phenomenal world, linking Matter (and Energy) to Mind. In the study of material phenomena, there are aspects which cannot be properly explained, or cannot be explained elegantly, without treating Information as a substance.

Information is the substance by which forms arise in matter and energy; matter and energy can be trans-formed, and there are rules (stipulations and conditions) by which these transformations take place, or can be made to take place. The existence of these rules point beyond the two substances themselves, to a new (third) substance entirely. This third substance, governing (Κυβερνήτης) the forms and transformations of matter and energy, is Information.

++++ Wikipedia:Uncertainty

++++ Wikipedia:Certainty

+++++ Wikipedia:Reality

1. Ding an Sich

2. Kennen an Sich

3. Personal Reality

4. Social Dialogue

5. Social Narrative or Consensus Reality

++++++ Wikipedia:Truth Social Reality

++++++ Wikipedia:Fact Social Reality

++++++ Wikipedia:Consensus reality

Social Evolution Apes Biological Evolution

Chomsky: Children are born with an innate capacity for language. This capacity for language is far deeper than any language might draw upon. If you used more than 10% of your innate mental capacity, you'd be outside the Social Discourse entirely -- thus the results for eminence with IQs over 160. (!!!)

+++++++ Wikipedia:Realist

+++++++ Wikipedia:Idealistic

The Realist view can only be the socially optimized sum of the totality of individual and idealistic views available. The process of including, socializing, and optimizing individual and autonomous views can itself become compromised, and become sub-optimal. This is most likely to occur where the dynamics of the social process place an undue emphasis on a small subset of the opinions available.

Examples within Social Epistemology / Political philosophy:
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission

What, if anything, makes a government legitimate?

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