A Great Gulf Fixed

"Separateness" can be "sacred", but it can also be "refuge" or "exile".
Entrenched Command Authority, without availing itself of "fresh air and sunshine" always ends up devolving
Premise: a real leader can be in the midst of a population and be admired in light of the direct personal experience of their character by the people at large, while a poor leader must be "admired" from a distance

Dimensions of Command and Leadership

Force (Tyranny) -- Service
Fraud -- Reason
Enablement -- Empowerment
Command -- Negotiation
Territorial Isolationism -- Exploration
Exclusion -- Inclusion
Ideology (Special Revelation) -- Discovery (General Revelation)
Publicity -- Achievement
Exceptionalism -- Acceptance
Self-Centeredness -- Self-Awareness

Born Losers, Blind Ponies, and B1FF

  • have to distort a worthwhile game around their own personal strengths and weaknesses in order to have any chance at "winning"
  • "winning" is everything
  • any game they can lose at must be destroyed and defiled

Born Winners and True Gamers

  • constantly refine the game to include variety and nuance
  • "winning" is everything, but only if the game is equally available to all, and if the game is:
1. valuable to a fairly large number of participants and spectators
2. supportive of shared values, either
A. directly, such as moral and social values
B. indirectly, such as spatial skills, math, reading, artistry, craftsmanship, or other accomplishment of technique
C. by analogy, such as developing positive habits of exploration, discovery, desire for excellence, preparation, training, perseverance, practical accomplishment, and sharing of experience or methodology.
  • constantly encourage the development of new games which demonstrate these same design principles