Pages listed here represent the efforts of the Community, and are not the sole efforts of myself (I wish).

Shared Projects

Groups can make pages here for works in progress or finished work. Critical thinking and editorial comments that I make concerning others' work will also go here, for availability and responsiveness.

Reference Materials

All the really technical stuff.

Personal Wikia Research

Compiled findings, suggestions, and experiences in designing and using a Wikia.

Power Research Group

Designing and using a Wikia for a group of dedicated members, either long-term or for a particular purpose/goal, with input from a larger user-base.

Personal Data Lab

These sections are designed to be experiments in use of a public Wiki for personal organization and security. Obviously you wouldn't store sensitive data or passwords here, but you can do some general planning and form templates.

Working Material

Make your own pages here to refer to during projects.

Individual Efforts

If you want to work solo, put a page here and have at it! If you can't upload to any particular page in this Wiki, place it here for me to see it.