Phenomenal Space (perhaps better named Experiential Space) is a set of Conceptual and Multidimensional variables that can describe any perceivable or imaginable context in our own material world, in any fictional or historic world, and can embrace any theories of events we might apply to these worlds. In it, we can describe phenomena, large or small, "objective" or "subjective", and describe them in whatever terms we care to choose.

For instance, in Set theory, we can assert that more specific sets have fewer dimensions to be referred to, while more abstract sets have a great many more dimensions. Thus, the Universal Set has infinite dimensionality, the Set of All Sets has N dimensionality, and then the Set of All Sets that have themselves as members, the Set of All Sets that do not have themselves as members, and the Set of All Sets that have no Sets as Members, all have a dimensionality of less than N.

We can also use Phenomenal Space to consider the direct implications or interactions of Theories, regardless of any separate Empirical evaluation, or lack thereof. See Interpretations of quantum mechanics for a brief introduction to a problem which would seem to lend itself to such a methodology. If we combine Hidden Variables, Observer Effect, and Many-worlds Theories, does this make for distinct advantages in explaining the experience/phenomena of Free Will?

What else might such a Model explain? That would be some interesting and powerful Phenomena!!! P;D

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