Cybernesis is a particular form of Social Narrative amongst many. It features unique forms of Epistemology, Dialectic and Rhetoric. 

Cybernesis is my independently constructed term concerning the sort of person who will continue to do well in an evolving Cybernetic Age.

Cybernesis is:

1. the organization and accumulation of information and information technology in a form vastly more accessible to a growing proportion of humanity.

2. the resulting changes in human psychology, sociology, and behavior in general, as a result of the first process

3. the necessary changes in strategies emphasizing secrecy, obscurity, scarcity, and authority, to strategies emphasizing candor, transparency, abundance, personal responsibility, autonomy, reputation, and trust.

4. the move toward a greater proportion of humanity being occupied with the supervision of technological systems, rather than direct physical labor

5. separating the development of intellectual acumen and rigor from the body of skills which seem fundamental, but are largely unnecessary, and also from the skills which are both fundamental and necessary.