By Mugei Mumei, Phenomenal World News Staff Reporter

Barney's today released surveillance camera videotape recordings of NYPD officers repeatedly entering the store's surveillance room and walking away empty-handed when no African-American shoppers had been in the store recently enough to chase them down blocks away from the store -- a clear demonstration that none of the store staff had requested any "assistance" at all. Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain were present but made no comment. Store security personnel seemed pleased to have provided key evidence in this release.

At a separate press conference later in the day, a beaming Jay-Z said "Those few in the public who demonstrated faith, patience, and maturity are now well-rewarded with the truth of the matter. Barney's and I are working to see this matter resolved completely, but an important first step has been taken."

The New York State Attorney General's office had no comment prepared when contacted earlier today.

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