Authority versus Autonomy 1

Power, Choice, Authority and Autonomy

Authority versus Autonomy 2

The choices we face in the exercise of power.

Point 3b.

The only real uses I see for Authority outside of Autonomy are:

1. The real and serious abuse of Autonomy, in which it infringes upon one or more other persons' Autonomy, without consent, and is a real damage to their liberty, interests, welfare, or values. Serious consideration should be given to a case which is a violation of Ethical behavior, but does not rise to the level of a violation of Moral behavior, or in which one Moral value is in conflict with another (presumably stronger) Moral value.

2. A public and affirmative consent to a community project which requires intense public and social supervision, for which Autonomy is widely considered insufficient.

I reserve the right to be wrong, and amend as necessary.

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