• Greek "Arete"
  • --Generalization and Specialization
  • --Meritocracy VS. Plutocracy
  • _Deep_Survival_ by Gonzalez and _Antifragile_ by Taleb: twins separated at birth
  • Many Imaginary Worlds
  • The Infectious and Contagious Certainty of Monotheism
  • Blind Faith, Certainty, Uncertainty, and the "Singularity"
  • Lifespans and successive generations as measures of Antifragility
  • --Carbon paper is the father of Xerography and the grandfather of the flatbed scanner
  • ---Cave painting, papyrus, monasteries, movable type, typewriters, carbon paper, copiers, digital information processing, electronic documents, text files, flatbed scanners, natural language programs, expert systems, virtual persons, artificial intelligence

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