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Wiki Coding

I obviously need to master Wiki code and syntax. This will mostly be a place for links to tutorials and examples of properly written code.

  • Internal Link: [[Internal Link]] Internal Link
  • External Link: [ External Link] External Link
  • '''Bold text''' produces Bold text.
  • ''Italic text'' produces Italic text.
  • '''''Bold Italic text''''' produces Bold Italic text.
  • == Headline text ==
  • Embedded File [[File:Example.jpg]]
  • File Link [[Media:Example.ogg]]
  • Mathematical Formula (LaTeX) <math>Insert formula here</math>
  • Ignore wiki formatting (View this page's edit for more details.)'''[[This is a sad example of Wiki code.]]'''
  • My Signature ( --~~~~ ) --TheLastWordSword 15:12, February 16, 2010 (UTC)
  • Horizontal Line ----

  • Add picture: [[File:Monroe_County_(New_York)_-_Towns,_Villages,_and_City.svg|thumb|left|200px|thumbnail 200px]] creates:
Monroe County (New York) - Towns, Villages, and City

thumbnail 200px