Rough Sketch

We see Entropic systems on the left, Extropic systems on the right, and a general tendency to Complexity between them.

  • Relative Complexity of systems (Systems Theory; Complexity is generally a relative measure, while Absolute Complexity is difficult, or perhaps impossible to measure, as any observer is a complex system) This has implications as to P --> NP, as any new algorithm may resolve a previously NP problem in P time. There are also non-perfect approximations to consider, which make for the substantial differences between Theoretical Mathematics and Applied Engineering!

Joke time: Any technology of sufficient complexity in relation to an observer... is itself an observer!

  • Entropy and Extropy are value expressions based on the amount of effort made or to be made for a given observer and purpose. (Steel makes a good bridge, while rust makes an acceptable pigment.) There are some forms of extropy and entropy which would seem to be fairly objective, but in a limited sense, such as stellar fusion (extropy) and radiological decay (entropy), but note that these phenomena interact substantially. 

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