The Book of the Great Potato

I have recently become concerned that my pieces here may be viewed by some as being academically dishonest, or even acts of plagiarism. I'd like to point out that these concepts themselves developed in historically recent times, and that they are problematic in any formal non-fiction writing, and conventionally ignored in writing fiction. I write these pieces based both in my experience of the world, and in my rather haphazard and informal studies of the subjects. I expect that when I make use of ideas or terms that are not my own, that a sufficiently educated person who might raise such criticisms, would be willing to concede that I have not laid any strong claim to any of the ideas presented, but only to my unique viewpoint and "collage" of the ideas of others. As this Wikia leaves me no possibility of copyright of even my very own ideas, I would expect that my preferences in this matter be respected, without the need of special precautions to avert the attack of the hobgoblins of foolish consistency. (Yes, I did that on purpose. Get over it.)

Water is a Fruit

Further, it seems to me that listing endless footnotes and qualifications simply enables a rather pervasive form of intellectual sloth, in that an author must provide the subject under discussion in the vastly more palatable and preferred form of pablum. Go dig it up. The search itself will do you some good. This is a piece of advice I received personally from the three Princes of Serendip, Long May They Reign. P;D

A Nice Juicy Apple

Despite "Water is a Fruit", I'm feeling much better about creating links to valuable insights elsewhere on the Web, where the links are more about adding value to a piece, and being truly informative. Having to prove my chops to some pedant is not part of my purpose here.