This is a comment I made to a Wikipedia discussion page concerning discussions of fiction which seem to be set within the narrative. Enjoy!

"In-Universe" is inside our Universe


The study of Being and existence; includes the definition and classification of entities, physical or mental, the nature of their properties, and the nature of change.


Resignation of Shirley Sherrod

To summarize:

The Department of Agriculture reacted to the story of Fox News.
Fox News carried the story of a conservative blog-site.
The conservative blog-site carried the story of a video submission.
The video submission "creatively edited" the historic wisdom-tale Ms. Sherrod was telling an audience.
And finally, the historic wisdom-tale Sherrod told concerned her realization of the fictional world she had been living in prior to her experience with a poor white farmer ("I won't help a white farmer, because white people aren't really poor.")

Now, telling this last story, accurately, in its complete form, and all its essential details is the crux of the whole controversy; this tale was edited to reach an entirely different conclusion.

Similarly, fiction of any kind has an artistic, metaphorical, and emotional reach that non-fiction simply cannot faithfully reproduce. Its power over the public conciousness demands a certain respect in its treatment, both in general and specific cases. That is why the details matter. That is what makes an "In-Universe" discussion a necessary element of the analysis of a story's real-world impact. --TheLastWordSword 15:19, 26 October 2010 (UTC)